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Yerevan - Tatev - Devil's Bridge - Khndzoresk

Explore Armenia's Hidden Gems: Tatev Monastery, Devil's Bridge, and Khndzoresk

Trips to Explore: From Yerevan to Tatev Monastery, Devil's Bridge, and Khndzoresk

Embark on an adventure that reveals the hidden gems of Armenia, taking you from the capital city of Yerevan to the awe-inspiring Tatev Monastery, through the natural wonder of the Devil's Bridge, and into the historic cave village of Khndzoresk.

Tatev Monastery: Aerial Views and Ancient Walls

Begin your journey with a visit to the Tatev Monastery, accessible via the 'Wings of Tatev', the world's longest reversible cable car. Enjoy the stunning vistas as you ascend to this medieval complex, where history is etched into the very stones and frescoes of the monastery walls.

Devil's Bridge: Natural Splendor

Travel next to the Devil's Bridge, an astounding natural formation over the Vorotan River. The area is known for its mineral springs and natural pools, providing a perfect opportunity for photography and relaxation in the heart of Armenia's rugged landscape.

Khndzoresk: A Village Carved from the Earth

Conclude your exploration in Khndzoresk, a striking cave village that offers a window into the past ways of life in Armenia. Traverse the swinging bridge and wander through the network of caves and tunnels that once housed entire families.


This tour invites you on a path less traveled to discover the true essence of Armenia's natural and historical treasures. From the grandeur of the Tatev Monastery to the serenity of Khndzoresk's caves, each site narrates a piece of Armenia's rich heritage.
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